These pictures are from Glamour Models Gone Bad

Lavish Styles has light brown hair up to her shoulders. She is standing up wearing a green bikini with lace trim. Her hand is on Kina’s covered breast. Kina is an Asian babe wearing animal print bra and panties. She has a bangle on her left arm and she is smiling while reaching out for Lavish Styles’ arm.

Lavish Styles is standing and smiling. Kina is removing the lace ties of Lavish’s panties while she licks her mouth in excitement. Kina is wearing black high heeled shoes and she is squatting down.

Lavish Styles has her right hand on her pussy and she is looking up and moaning. Kina is holding and licking on big breasts of Lavish.

Lavish Styles squatting and we can clearly see her massive tits. She is playing with Kina’s cunt while the Asian girl is standing with her boobs still a little covered by both of her hands.

On Lavish Styles’ right hand, she is holding up a metal dildo into her mouth. Her big breasts are in plain sight and she is spreading her legs really wide.

Lavish Styles With Kina In This Video

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